Cervix Massage Wand

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Glass cervix massage wands for your yoni de-armouring and self pleasure practice

  • Designed for de-armouring, pleasure and pelvis release work
  • Release tension and increase sensation
  • Amazing for self pleasure ritual and ceremony
  • 100% high grade glass – Easy to clean and sterilize
  • Ergonomic, tailored S-shape (no arm cramps!)
  • Two sided – One for G-spot massage, one for doing cervical release work.
  • Comes with a black velvet bag for storage and carrying
  • 26.5 cm in length.
Dimensions 25.6 cm

1 review for Cervix Massage Wand

  1. Linda M.

    A total game changer… It’s shifted my self pleasure practice in such a positive way. I wish I had discovered these beauties sooner

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