The Body Empowered

An 6 week Group Course for Women

Fall 2023 

You’re invited on a journey into sacred sexuality, erotic expansion and connecting with the inner lover.

Join a cohort of powerful women to...

Learn practices for deeper intimacy and turn on

Explore sacred sexuality and Tantra

Discover yoni de-armouring and pleasure rituals

Course Curriculum

oOOO..The Sweet Details <3

Week 1 – Nervous System Education

Sex, safety and connection

How to co-regulate and harmonize the nervous system for deeper connection

Juicy exercises to MELT into intimacy

Week 2 – De-armouring the Body

The somatic view of the body

Genital and body numbness – Where does it come from?

How to free up blocked life force energy

Yoni and cervical de-armouring practices

Week 3 – The Inner Lover

Cultivating a relationship with your inner beloved

Shifting inner dialogues

Creating practices to orient towards pleasure

Week 4 – The Roadmap of Female Pleasure

The 7+ different types of female orgasm

Deepen your understanding of what feels good in your body

Week 5 – Sacred Sexuality

Introduction to Tantric and Taosit erotic energy circulation

Using intention with erotic energy

Using erotic energy to clear blocks and expand pleasure

Week 6 – Empowering your Desires

Learn how make empowered touch requests

Exploring the wheel of consent

Connecting with the authentic heck YES the empowered NO

What's included


6 masterclass and group coaching sessions (approx 2 hrs)

Access to a private group of community support 

A glass cervical massage wand 

Exclusive resource files 

Recorded lessons and Meditations 


What People are Saying...

"Bringing a sense of wonder and vulnerability to dialogues around sexuality is a difficult thing - but one which Maxine navigates with an effortless grace and contagious enthusiasm. Her ability to bring my women’s group into a deep space of sensual exploration together was extraordinary to witness - one that brought tears to my eyes"
Phoenix Amara
Soul, Sex and Art coach, author of ‘Ascension of Gaia’
"You have opened my heart to a whole new world of relating to my body & sexuality in a conscious way. Your self-pleasure workshop blew my mind & I’ve been committing to using the yoni wand you sent me at least once a week. I love it so much!

...I feel I am coming into a more powerful relationship with my pleasure & that is priceless"
Photographer, Artist
I felt truly inspired to create sacred space, to give myself the sense of worth and unconditional acceptance as I explored the tender, often neglected areas of my body, my yoni and my energetic field. It felt so rewarding to experience yet another layer of healing and opening by allowing what was present to be seen and embraced before trying to achieve anything.
Performer, Coach
"The guidance and safety Maxine provided was so beautiful, I felt welcome, safe, secure and capable of diving deeper into my self healing and pleasure."