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Support Makes a Difference..

Many of us struggle around sexuality, body image, or the ability to connect to others.  We receive subtle messages that this stuff should be easy – or that some people are just naturally better at it!

→ Sexuality and Relationships are skills that can be developed.  The wider your toolkit the easier it gets. 

→ Many of us have stories that block us from deeper pleasure or connection – As part of our work together we will look at your belief systems and how they may be sabotaging you.

→    Past traumas can have a huge impact on your ability to tolerate uncertainty, excitement or lean into connection.  My practice is uniquely trauma informed, which is hugely important when navigating this work.

By asking for help we enter an incredible healing process.  You’re not alone, many are struggling with the same challenges!!  

I hold a space that celebrates non judgement and welcomes all of you to the table.  I’ve designed an approach that works through the lense of the nervous system, giving an embodied experience of safety as a foundation for our work together.  Together we’ll move at a pace to support you in learning the language of you body’s wisdom      

All of you is welcome here ~  I look forward to celebrating you 

Benefits of Working with Me..

  • Create a greater sense of ease and freedom around sex
  • Discover your sensual nature
  • Overcome shame, anxiety and blocks to erotic enjoyment
  • Thrive in connection as an empath or highly sensitive person
  • Learn how communicate your needs and boundaries 
  • Learn self care and pleasure practices 
  • Heal from relationship addiction or codependency
  • Empower voice and consent
  • Become more orgasmic 
  • Create a sense of safety around intimacy and touch
  • Practice in asking for what you want– Learning how to communicate your desires in an empowered way
  • Re-sensitize the body after a traumatic event
  • Better understand pleasure – for male bodies, female bodies and all bodies! 
  • Reignite the spark in an intimate relationship – coaching for couples on cultivating polarity and touch 
  • Understand Taoist and Tantric practices
  • Build body love and acceptance – regardless of age or size 
  • Receive support around vaginal pain or lack of arousal
  • Overcome blocks in engaging with partnered sexuality after a long hiatus
  • Cultivate more joy in your body and expression!!


Session Rates

Sessions By Video Chat
(Intro Offer)


60 min – $120

90 min $180 

Sessions in Person

60 min – $160

90 min – $240

120 min $300 

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