1-on-1 Work

Holistic, Pleasure-Based Coaching in Embodied Sexuality

Sessions for Men

Stepping into mastery as a lover, maximize your pleasure, heal from ED, PE or an inability to orgasm. Increase confidence feel more connected to your body

Sessions for Women

Heal from painful sex or a lack of arousal, empower your choice and voice, love your body more deeply and step into your empowered expression

Sessions for couples

Discover practices to connect more deeply, rekindle your spark, express desires, touch with mastery and have the sex life you both deserve.

The Power of Support...

Many people who work with me describe struggling to receive embodied sex education growing up.  They share that there’s a lot of guesswork and confusion here. 

Education around embodied pleasure is something everyone deserves! Sex can be a joyful, pleasurable experience rather than one of anxiety, checking out or overwhelm 

Trauma can shift the way we relate to sensation in the body, often resulting in numbness, high anxiety or a lack of arousal.  It can also show up as hypersensitivity or painful sensation.

We can bring the body’s pleasure systems back online using tools that strengthen one’s core sense of safety.  We do this through practices that empthasize a sense of body automony.  This can look like highlighting a felt sense of voice and choice, boundary setting and somatic awareness.  I combine this with coaching that explores and beliefs that may be holding you back.  The last magic ingredient in my method is effective sex and relationship education that can support you in creating more positive experiences for you and your partner(s).

Our sexuality can a gateway for empowered expression, confidence, boundary setting and reconnection to our authentic self. 


"There are no words available for me to express the gratitude I have for you...

It was so liberating a feeling of freedom from my thoughts... I'm feeling real strong. Thanks for being who you are. "
Entrepreneur | Victoria BC
"You have opened my heart to a whole new world of relating to my body & sexuality in a conscious way. Your self-pleasure workshop blew my mind & I’ve been committing to using the yoni wand you sent me at least once a week. I love it so much!

...I feel I am coming into a more powerful relationship with my pleasure & that is priceless"
Photographer, Artist | Victoria BC