Sex coaching for men who are ready for more pleasure and connection

All of you is Welcome

I have worked with hundreds of men who feel left behind because they can’t get seem to connect.  They feel overwhelmed by the mysteries of sex and their emotionally nebulous partners.  They’re out of touch with their bodies, struggle to access their emotions and to harness the power of their sexuality. 

You KNOW that there is a powerful force living inside of you.  But you have yet to unlock it….

The power of My Method


Nervous System Support

Build your connection to pleasure and aliveness though somatic (body based) techniques.

Being chronically stressed or impacted by trauma can shut down your ability to feel pleasure, get aroused and drop into a deep quality of connection with your partner(s)


Embodied Sex Education

I bring you absolute gems based on my 10 years of experience, ranging from cutting edge neuroscience to Tantric and Taoist practices.

The goal - To support you in expanding into your full expression as an eroticlly empowered being .


Laser Focused Coaching

Coaching is about connecting with powerful possibility. It's uncovers the essence of who you really are, supporting you to move in life from that place.

We can explore what mindsets might be standing between you and what you most desire. To support you in building a more empowered experience so your natural confidence and radiance can emerge.


My 3 month Signature Program

This is my favorite way to work with people.  Over a period of time we are able to create a lasting change in the nervous system’s experience.  Highly recommended for folks who are bringing more complex challenges and who need more than just an educational “tune up”. 

This is your program if you...

⫸ Are struggling to connect in relationship or dating 

⫸ Are in your head during sex 

⫸ You want to feel more comfortable expressing desires and initiating touch

⫸ Would like support with Erectile Dysfunction or Ejaculation control 

⫸ Want to expand your confidence in relationship or dating 

⫸ Are calling in a space to work on setting healthy boundaries and empowering your inner leader

⫸ Feel a yearning expand your understanding of sacred sexuality and Tantra 

⫸ Are wanting to connect to your inner guidance system and somatic body wisdom

⫸ Want to let go of old shame stories and step into your empowered expression

What's Included:

Twelve 1-on-1 sessions 

Private WhatsApp chat

An exclusive resource file for home integration and continued learning 


Online – $2700

In person – $3000 

Erotic Empowerment Toe Dip

4 sessions to designed to give you a powerful foundational toolkit.  Learn about expressing desires, navigating boundaries and connecting to your authentic yes and no.  This is also a great for for people who want to experience sexological bodywork.  It allows us to do a slow progression of sessions and set foundations before doing table work


Online – $950

In person – $1100