Sex, Relationships, Empowerment

Somatic Sex Education and Transformational Coaching

Do You Struggle With...

Loving your body

Asking for what you want

Creating and holding healthy boundaries

Being highly sensitive or feeling overwhelmed

Feeling sexy and turned on by life

Receiving or giving pleasure

Anxiety that blocks you from connection

Do You Want to...

Reclaim your life force energy

Learn tools to become a confident lover

Feel excited about your body and sensuality

Release blocks to feeling worthy to love

Connect with your inner erotic badass

Build confidence and free your authentic expression 

"To find the Beloved, you must become the Beloved."


Using somatic practices and transformational coaching I guide people to work through self sabotaging stories and build a foundation for confidence, self love and connection

Meet Maxine ~

A sex educator and coach with a passion for empowering people to feel at home in their bodies.  She helps people of all gender identities liberate their sexuality, relational magic and playful expression

She takes a holistic approach to health and happiness, with her roots in Tantra, self development work and somatic theory.

She’s a certified Somatic Sex Educator and Sexological Bodyworker, with much of the last 10 years spent working with individuals and couples. She studied with Margot Anand at her Love, Sex and Awakening course on Big Island Hawaii, as well as David Cates and his work of expanding intimacy through co-regulation and deep safety. She is currently completing her certification as ontological life coach.

Her passion for her work comes from her own journey …. Read more


Words of Praise...

"I never imagined how freeing or powerful it would become. Learning how to look at myself and discovering that I love my whole being. I realize more than ever that we have one life to do great things. Thank you from my heart. You are amazing!"
Rick N.
"To have Maxine to guide me through the intensity and complexity of sexual healing was beyond what I could have hoped for.

To now find myself in a healthy, sexually intimate physical relationship with a partner (after spending many years isolated due to past traumas), is wonderful and honestly something I’d almost given up on ever having.

I am forever grateful to Maxine for for her being the genuine, calm, and sweet presence that reconnected me to the unbounding potential for sexual pleasure and deep intimacy with myself and others."
"I sought out Maxine's help because I wanted to navigate numbness, re-ignite my bodies receptivity to sexual energy, and push the edge of physical exploration in my current partnership. I always felt completely safe and permitted the ultimate vulnerability to explore these things.

In our short time together I feel I reignited a lost muscle for expressing desire and asking for what I need. I gained a deeper vocabulary for intimacy, ability to body-map, and began to re-gain trust in my bodies wisdom which had been very shut down, learning to stay present with her (my body) instead of dissociating or jumping into my head.

No matter where you are on your journey with intimacy or relationships, I believe the type of work Maxine does can be hugely beneficial to all. Forming an ongoing dialogue with our desires and our authentic present-moment experiences is a fundamental ability that extends into so many aspects of our physical, emotional, and spiritual life."