Embrace Your Sensual Nature

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Welcome Home to Your Body

Using the tools of Somatic Sex Education, bodywork and coaching I support people in becoming more radiant, creative and alive.  My practice is rooted in body based approaches to support people in building a solid foundation for self love, connection and sexual empowerment.  

Providing holistic coaching on topics of sexuality,  touch, relationship patterns, body love, sensuality, embodied pleasure and more.

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Maxine Fischer somatic sex educator

Hi, I'm Maxine

I’m passionate about helping people to feel at home in their bodies.  I take a holistic approach to health and happiness, with my roots in yoga, herbalism, Tantra, modern psychology and transformational coaching.  A certified Somatic Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker and Conscious Sensuality Practitioner, with much of the last 10 years spent working with individuals and couples.

My passion for my work comes from my own journey of discovery…. Read more 

"I never imagined how freeing or powerful it would become. Learning how to look at myself and discovering that I love my whole being. I realize more than ever that we have one life to do great things. Thank you from my heart. You are amazing!"
Rick N.
Fitness Coach